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Meet Our Team

Staff members

Burim Latifi, Executive Director


Akshita Sankepally, Peace Corps Volunteer

Akshita is a Peace Corps Volunteer from Illinois, USA. She's super stoked to be a part of the Youth Community Center - Cair team and work with the best youth in the North Macedonia. Prior to joining Peace Corps, Akshita worked at an educational non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. In college, she was heavily involved in international-centered organizations, such as the International Affairs Organization and the International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign. Akshita graduated college with a Bachelors of Arts degree in International Studies. In her free time, Akshita enjoys going on runs, playing with puppies, and baking!

Nderim Nagavci, YCCC Coordinator

Nderim is one of the coordinators at the YCCC. He studied Physical Education Sports and Health at the South East European University. Currently, he is working towards his Masters in International Communication. Nderim really enjoys working with kids, and when he's not at the YCCC, he is coaching young kids in basketball. He also works with kids with disabilities to help them improve their gross motor skills.

Executive Board Members

Adelina Marku

Adelina works as a high official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia. She is a civic activist too, therefore actively involved in promoting democratic values affirming human rights causes in a multiethnic society. She is also a columnist for an Albanain newspaper, KOHA; she addresses issues and worries about the society she lives in. Additionally, she runs her own show on ALSAT TV, raising matters on gender equity and societal cohesion. In 1997, she was part of a multiethnic team of journalists from North Macedonia to encourage the investigative journalism in the region, addressing a very specific and vulnerable environmental project, Veles' Smelter Case. During the years 1998 and 1999, Adelina worked as a spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Albanians, running the Public Relations Department for the DPA. She was a communications strategies advisor to Mr. Arben Xhaferi, DPA Leader. She was selected from the Kokkalis Foundation - Athens to be a part of an Executive Training Program on Leadership & Economic Development at John Fitzgerald School of Government at Harvard University. She is an alum of the Kokkalis Foundation, JFK school at Harvard University, and the Council of Europe's Regional Academy for Democracy Alumni, a Macedonian-American alumni association. Furthermore, she used to be in charge of the Public Relations Office and was a professor at the South East European University in Tetovo. She performed in the International Swedish Theatrical Performance "7", addressing the issue of gender discrimination. In 2018, she was involved as an expert at the National Committee to create the National Strategy of Republic of Macedonia on CVE and CT. She engages as trainer in the field of Communication and Leadership. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and holds a Master's degree in International Relations. Adelina and her daughter, Andra, live in Skopje together.

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